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Chatour's first pilot tour.

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Why pilot tours are key to success.

Pilot tours are essential for every tour provider. Let me give you the reasons why we think that a successful tour service startup must run pilot tours:

  • You have to be a pro-active networker in order to get your first customers on board, even if it is for free (get practice with cold-calling)
  • You get to practice your tour in front of an interested audience (good preparation is key)
  • You receive valuable feedback on your tour content (always optimize your service)
During our first pilot tour, we invited a group of pro-active PHD students from the Van´t Hoff Institute for Molecular Science (HIMS) to join us on a sunny day for a 3 hour walking city tour. While walking to our carefully selected local spots in Amsterdam, the group was networking with the help of Chatour's exclusive networking activities and interactive games.
The whole group had a great time getting to know each other on a more in-depth level other than just small-talking about the regular topics such as the city's perks and attractions or the weather...
Instead, we suggested to deepen the conversations by asking questions such as why? or how did you feel about this? Or, what impact did this situation have on you?
The audience was very positive about the first Chatour and willingly provided valuable feedback after the tour in our detailed feedback form. This has helped a great deal in improving our current tour package and motivated the team to keep on touring the city with open-minded and curious participants.
All in all, the Chatour team was very happy to have provided the first Chatour in Amsterdam for such an interested and inquiring group.
We are looking forward to our up-coming tour specifically focused on Expats on 14th May 2017!
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